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Contact Us

(740) 373-6478


312 Gilman Ave.
Marietta, OH 45750
Rev. Dr. Diann O’Bryant


Sunday Gathering
and Fellowship 


Traditional Services 

To Watch our Virtual Services on You Tube by clicking on the link below of getting on our Official Facebook Web site

Just another way of watching our Sunday Worship Services.

If you would like to share, simply copy and paste the above link into your posts. Bookmark or subscribe to the YouTube channel and you will be able to return at anytime to view.


Children’s Sunday School 

Adult Bible Study

How to watch the Gilman UMC Facebook “Live Stream” Sermons and other Devotionals, Prayers and Info

This page is a private group page and you have to be approved or invited to join. This is so the page doesn’t get a bunch of SPAM, or offensive postings.

For current Facebook users:

1.     If you are already a Facebook user, log onto your Facebook page

2.     Simply do a search for our Church Group Page: “Members and Friends of Gilman UMC” at the top of your Facebook page in the white box with a magnifying glass on the blue bar, next to the Facebook logo.

3.     Click “Enter”

4.     A page of listings, hopefully the “Members and Friends of Gilman UMC” listing will show up.

5.     Click on this listing and it should take you to our Group page.

6.     Click on the Join button and ask to join or type in the page that you want to join the group and you will be sent an invitation.

7.     All you need to do is accept the invitation.

8.     Log in Sunday morning a few minutes before 10:30 am and watch for the live stream posting. (It will be a picture of the sanctuary with a “Play” button emblem on it shows up.)

9.     Click on the button.

10.   Type in “on the comments section” on the bottom left side of the page that you are “watching”, “hello”, ” G-AM” or whatever comment you want (after typing hit the enter button), so Duane and Janet Dye know you are watching. And then just enjoy the Message. You may leave comments after the live stream is over. Also the live stream will stay posted on the site if you log on late or were not able to watch it in its entirety – after it has finished and Duane has had a chance to upload it. 

For those without a Facebook account:

1.     First you need a computer, tablet, or smart phone with internet access

2.     Log on to and set up an account.

3.     Next follow steps 1-10 above and hopefully we will see you Sunday.